In this post we will learn what is Windows, What is Windows 10, what is ISO files and How to download Windows 10 ISO files. Windows 10 ISO download is very easy and also with very fast speed. You can download winnows 10 unmodified files from this site that are downloaded directly from Microsoft’s official server.

As we downloaded and providing the untouched & original files that are downloaded from the Microsoft official server by using the windows 10 media creation tool. So you don’t have to worry about security issues.

Read the post if you are interested to learn much about Windows 10 then keep reading the post, but if already know enough about it and are not interested to read, then just scroll down to get the download button and download your copy now.

Top Features of Windows 10 OS

  • Start Menu
  • Snap Assist helps you snap windows
  • Cortana
  • Command Prompt
  • Settings App vs. Control Panel
  • Xbox app and streaming
  • Desktop and Security Improvements
  • File Explorer
  • Universal apps
  • Edge browser

What is Windows (Microsoft Windows)

Windows (Microsoft Windows) is an Operation System (computer hardware, software management system software that provides common services for computers). Windows developed and marketed by Microsoft.

What is Windows 10

Windows 10 is a series of operating systems developed by Microsoft Company, it is the most recent, popular, and features rich than all other Windows OS Versions. It is the successor of Windows 8.1, which is released to manufacturing on 15 July 2015 and broadly released to the general public on 29 July 2015.

Microsoft initially aimed to have windows 10 installed on over a million devices within only three years of its release, the goal has reached the milestone in almost 5 years on March 16, 2020. Microsoft reaches the milestone of having windows 10 installed on over a billion devices, within only three years.

As of January 2018, Windows 10 became the most used windows version globally by surpassing Windows 7, and in May 2020 windows 10 become the most popular windows version by surpassing Windows 7 in China.

Windows 10 Market Share

According to StatCounter Windows, 10 is globally used by 75.96% (info according to Dec, 2020) of all windows users. View the below Photo to know more:

Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Windows Version Market Share

In the above diagram, you can see windows 10 is used by most Windows users (almost 76%), where the rest of the versions of windows are used by the rest 14%.

Windows Version Update History

Windows 10 Version History

Windows 10 System Requirements

Though Windows 10 is a feature-rich Operation System, fortunately, it needs a very low configuration of the computer. Have a look at the table to know in details;

System requirements for installing Windows 10

Processor: 1 GHz or faster processor or System on a Chip (SoC)
RAM: 1 GB for 32-bit or 2 GB for 64-bit
Hard drive space: 16 GB for 32-bit OS 32 GB for 64-bit OS
Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver
Display: 800×600

[The table need to edit]

What is an ISO file

An ISO file (also known as an ISO image), is an archive file format that generally contains multiple files of data that’s are found on an optical disc, like CD or DVD. These types of files are generally used for backing up an optical disc, also used for distributing large file sets, that’s are extract and useable by burning the file.

Ways to download Windows 10 ISO

There are a few ways to download the windows 10 ISO official files for free. Either you just download the ISO file from the Microsoft Official server by using Windows 10 Media creation tool, or download it with the browser from this link with a trick. You can also download Windows 10 ISO file from this Website. We will discuss all of the ways in detail. So without further delay let see how you can download Windows 10 ISO unmodified file.

Download Windows 10 ISO file from

Downloading Windows 10 ISO file from this site is faster than all other methods because we will upload our files to google drive which is a super-fast server.

As we upload all of the files to Google Drive so you can download them with your favorite download manager like Internet Download Manager and so on. As you download files with download managers so you will get some awesome advantages over other methods.

You can also be able to pause and resume download at any time when you chose this method. Also downloading with download manager will give you the fastest download speed.

Hit the above download button to download the latest version of Windows 10 ISO file free. You can also download some of the older versions. Click on the download button and follow the further instructions.

After downloading the file extract the Archived file with the above-given password. After extract the archived file, if you want to reinstall Windows 10 on your device, then you will need to bootable a USB Drive. We already show how to create a windows 10 bootable USB drive with an ISO file, read the post by clicking the attached link.

Download Windows 10 ISO latest version with the media creation tool

Windows 10 ISO download with media creation tool is also very much easy but you will get slower download speed than before method also will not be able to pause and resume download. With this method, you need to download the full size of the file so you cannot pause and resume download.

In this method, you will need a software named, Windows 10 ISO media creation tool. You can download the downloaded software from the download link below or simply download the software from the Microsoft Windows official Website.

From any of the above download links, download the Media creation tool for free. The first download link was also downloaded from Microsoft’s official site and linked up in the download button.

Once you downloaded the media creation tool, browse the location where you downloaded the media creation tool. Then follow the steps below;

Steps to follow to download windows 10 ISO files with the media creation tool

Downloading Windows 10 Iso File using Windows 10 Media Creation tool is an effective and preferred method to download Latest Version’s ISo file. So let see the full process without further delay;

  1. Double click on it to the lunch media creation tool, (you have to be an administrator to lunch the tool)
  2. Review the license terms, if you agree with it then select
  3. Select Create installation media for another PC, On What do you want to do? Page, and then select “Next” to continue.Media Creation Tool: What Do You Want To Do
  4. Now choose your preferences options on Select Language, Edition, and Architecture In default your computer will automatically select the language, edition, and architecture as per your device’s current settings. You can choose the default settings or change as per your need by unchecking Use recommended settings for this PC option.Media Creation Tool: Select language architecture and edition
  5. In the “Choose which media to use” page, select the “ISO file” to download the ISO file.Media Creation Tool: Choose which media to use
  6. Now on the “Select a path” page, you need to choose a file location where you want to download the file.Media Creation Tool: Select a path
  7. As per your internet speed, it will take some time to be downloaded on your device.

Media Creation Tool: Downloading windows 10After successfully downloaded the windows 10 ISO file it will take some time to be verified integration to making sure that all of the components are OK. So, consider a moment. Once the above process is done the fill will be created on the location that you specified. The next page will show you where you downloaded the file stored. Click the Finish button to skip the Media creation tool and then you can burn the ISO file or mount it to a virtual machine.

Download Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft official website (without media creation tool)

With this method you can download windows 10 ISO files directly and officially without any tool, you just need to follow a simple trick to download. In this method, you can use a downloader and can pause your resume in a fixed time. This means when you reveal the download link, Microsoft gives you access to download this file within 24 hours.

You need to download this file within 24 hours from when you reveal the download link. After 24 hours the download link will expire and you need to follow the same trick to get access to the download link.

In this post, we will discuss the full process in-depth with pictures so that all of our valued users can learn the process effectively. So without further delay let us go through the simple instructions;

Download windows 10 ISO file without media creation tool (step by step guide)

  1. Open your Chrome Browser
  2. Go to Windows 10 Disc Image (ISO File) Download page in chrome browser.
  3. Once you reach the page press Ctrl+Shift+I or right-click on your mouse to then select inspect to go developer tool. Make sure you selected toggle device toolbar then select “iPad” or “iPad pro” from the available device screen list. Then zoom the page 100% to see the screen in a bigger size as the screenshot below.